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Fanari is well known for its fish taverns, which is natural, since it's at the shores of the Thracian Sea, with the local fishermen providing fresh and delicious fish daily. Look a little closer though, and you will realize that fish is not the only delicasy of this little piece of land: fine meats, gyros and souvlaki, pizza, bougatsa, tempting traditional pastries. Each of those you can find in Fanari, in the following places: It is important to note that, while the following restaurants & taverns offer an absolutely exquisite culinary experience, you can buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen's boats if you choose to do so! Filters Φίλτρα καθαρισμός φίλτρων Τα παρακάτω φίλτρα δουλεύουν προσθετικά: Όσο περισσότερα επιλέξετε, τόσες περισσότερες επιλογές θα έχετε
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Τα παρακάτω φίλτρα δουλεύουν αφαιρετικά: Όσο περισσότερα επιλέξετε, τόσο θα περιορίσετε την έρευνα σας σε αυτό που ψάχνετε!
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