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Welcome to our new website!

Here you can find everything you had in the previous website, but much more organized and optimized!


Recharge your batteries!

For your accommodation in Fanari you have a plethora of choices, which will definitely satisfy your needs. See more


Delicious Quality

Fanari is well known for its fish taverns, which is natural, since it's at the shores of the Thracian Sea, with the local fishermen providing fresh and delicious fish daily. Look a little closer though, and you will realize that fish is not the only delicasy of this little piece of land: fine meats, gyros and souvlaki, pizza, bougatsa, tempting traditional pastries. See more

Bars & Cafes

Enjoy the scenic atmosphere!

A lot of choices are available to you, should you need a coffee or a drink next to the waves! Exquisite view of the sunset is one of our main attractions, and there is no better way to relax after a long day at the beach. See more


What do you need?

During your stay at Fanari, you probably will have to visit some stores like a market or a bakery. These are not the only stores you can find in our village though: A lot of different types of stores operate in Fanari, and here you can find them all. See more


White Sands, loose tempers!

Explore our famous crystal-clear beaches, with their golden sand, the beach bars, and maybe find out a thing or two about a few lesser-known beaches. You should know: The beach bars renew their licenses regularly, therefore it is possible to find new ones every few years, and the usually open May 1st for the summer period. See more


So much to explore!

The are of Rodhope and Thrace in general, offers a wide array of destinations and scenery, ranging from coastal areas like Fanari or Maronia, to mountainous trails. See more

Fanari Festival

Music, on a magical scenery!

Our Festival was first introduced in 2016, and it was embraced immediately, since it was something missing from the area. In this page you can find info about the upcoming event, or find out what happened in the previous years! See more

Feasts & Events

Tradition, in all the right places!

Renowned Carnivals, National Holidays and Feasts, weeks of Art and Culture... You can find these and much more in our area, and in our page. See more


Thrace, land full of History!

Much like the rest of Greece, Thrace has a rich Historical background, spanning millenia:
Ancient Theaters, archaeological sights, museums and traditional settlements are some of the interesting pieces of History you are expected to discover during your trip here.
See more

Useful Info

Don't get lost now!

Before you arrive here, it is important to know some general information (for example tel. numbers) for stuff that you might need, like Airports, Train & Bus Stations, Ports, Pharmacies and quite a few more. See more